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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Is the first time I order, what should I do?
After you click on a product, you enter the Product. Here's the button "Add to Cart" by clicking on the button, the product is installed in your virtual cart. After you have finished browsing the various categories of on-line catalog, you can go in your cart, change the quantity? products in order, or add other toglierne and proceed with the sending of 'order.

Why should I register?
By registering you have some advantages.
Permanent Cart. The products you add to your shopping cart during a visit will also remain on subsequent visits finch? you decide to delete them.
Order History. You can view all purchases made ​​by you, print a summary of your order and check status.
Address Book. You can add addresses that you can use to send your purchases directly to a person to whom you make a gift or to an address other than yours.
Also if you are registered, when you come back to buy again each time you do not have all your data.

Can I purchase without being registered?
Yes, registration is not compulsory. ? You can also place orders without registering, each time entering all the data for the shipment and payment, or by fax.




What's that?
Delivery costs vary depending on the type of shipping chosen by the customer and include all ancillary costs (packaging, shipping, etc..). The amount is put clearly in evidence in the summary final order.

How long does it take for delivery?
The order will be processed within two working days from the day on which the order will be? perfected.
The order is considered "completed" when:
- The client has sent the order, if payment on delivery
- Is provided by the customer documentary evidence by mail or by fax at 099 ​​4764881, the provision of payment.

How do I make the defective merchandise?
Just read the terms and conditions or contact by sending an e-mail at: info@dateatro.com




What forms of payment available?

 The forms of payment are as follows:
  - Bank Transfer!





What? the procedure to place an order?
Choose products to purchase and click on "Add to Cart". The products will be placed in the cart. To complete your order click buy and run the steps by confirming each time, until the choice of method of payment. After the procedure, the system will send you? email a summary of your order.

You can delete an order?
Just contact us by e-mail address commerciale@dateatro.com within 8 hours.

How can I get a written receipt of my order?
Once the order is submitted, you will see a confirmation page of the same. This page will serve as a receipt and we recommend that you print directly from your computer.
You will still receive, immediately after the purchase, an e-mail notification containing the number of their purchase order.




What is the "cart"?
The cart is the virtual space in which the products entered during the visit to the site. The cart will show you the products you have purchased. including the subtotal of costs, so that at any time you can get an idea of the costs you are doing. You can at any time add, edit or remove products from your cart.

How can I view the content of my "cart"?
With our system you will always be seen what they want to buy in the cart box on the right. Clicking on the link comparir cart? immediately a detailed list of all products that until that moment did you decide to buy.

How can I change the contents of my "cart"?
The shopping cart provides a few buttons to change the number of pieces for each product entered, to remove products no longer want or to empty it completely.

How do I quickly search for a product?
Using the search engine site. To activate it you can type the name of the desired product in the appropriate box at the top left of every page of the site.






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